Ultimate Mark  

Sketchbook drawing, 01/21/2015
pen and ink/watercolor

Mark Simmons is an artist, writer, and professional specialist in comic books and giant robots. You can also write him at toysdream@gmail.com, and keep tabs on his latest adventures at toysdream.blogspot.com.



First, here are a few recent additions to my art blog. Lots of recent life drawing and field sketching here...

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The film & stage page is now updated with hitherto secret storyboard sequences from Gatchaman and Monkey King Reloaded. I've had to sit on these for a couple of years, but now they see the light of day!

I've added a bunch of new Nickolas Flux comic pages to the comic art page. These are from Titanic Disaster! and Trapped in Antarctica!, now available from Capstone Press.



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