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Is Was Never Were
color roughs and work in progress
pencils, ink, and watercolor

Mark Simmons is an artist, writer, and professional specialist in comic books and giant robots. You can also write him at toysdream@gmail.com, and keep tabs on his latest adventures at toysdream.blogspot.com.


December 15, 2014:
I've added a bunch of new Nickolas Flux preview pages to the comic art page. Behold the perils of ice and freezing seas! And on this page, a sneak preview of a personal project I'm working on...

October 14, 2014:
A complete site revamp featuring all-new galleries of comic art, game art, film & stage art, and sketchbook drawings. Please enjoy!

September 24, 2014:
A blog update with some more info about my work on Capstone Publishing's Nickolas Flux History Chronicles series.

August 29, 2014
This weekend I'll be exhibiting at SF Zine Fest in Golden Gate Park, sharing table number 74 with Brian Kolm of Atomic Bear Press. Here's a preview of some boxes of books.


Original Comics: All in downloadable PDF format.

  Need To Know
  42 Hour Comic: Alive, Alive, Alive!
  24 Hour Comics: Our World, Young Nick, Commedia
  14 Hour Comic: Labyrinth
  9 Hour Comic: The Black Cat
  6 Hour Comic: My Rise and Fall
  A Perspective Primer

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