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Around The World With Mark And Julie Summer 2002:
Julie & Mark's Czech Adventure
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Julie & Mark's Czech Adventure
Featuring... Golems! Castles! Holy tongues! Death charms! Fish slaw! Air rage! Karst caverns! Streetcars! Walled cities! Mummies! Sealbutts?!

We begin with an unremarkable intercontinental flight... or is it?
  - We're free spirits! Whee!
  - 'Ey, you needsh to lighten up!

Eventually the couple next to us have a drunken mid-flight breakup, leaving Mark to try and pacify his increasingly freaked-out seatmate.
  - There there.
  - gzz

After some three hours of this, the flight crew take pity on us and bump us up to first class as a thank-you for our crowd control efforts...
  - Right posh!

...while our out-of-control seatmate is picked up by the police at Heathrow.

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